Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Letter from Fat Camp

Dear Grandma,

They have been treating me real well here at Fat Camp. I get to eat 3 whole meals plus snacks!
Breakfast- 1c honey bunches or oats, coffee
Lunch- Naked tacos- rice, beans, beef, lettuce, pico de gallo
Snack- 1 slice bread, 1tbsp peanut butter
Dinner- Summer Pasta (papardelli noodles, carrots, zucchini, squash, tomatos in a white wine sauce with fresh mozzarella cheese)
Dessert- 3 Hershey kisses

I didn't exercise today though, which is a real rule breaker at Fat Camp. I have a feeling I will be punished tomorrow.

Lots of Love,

P.S- I can't wait to get out of Fat Camp and have some of your delicious cookies :-)

1 comment:

Carlos said...

tell me more of these nekkid tacos