Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Little Choices

I didn't do the Shred last week like I said I would, and I didn't make a good choice during date night dinner. But, I have gotten myself back in gear all thanks to running. I have been talking about how much I want to go running, but the weather has kept me indoors and I loathe running on the treadmill. So, I hung up my running shoes until Spring. I had planned to start up again the same week as daylight saving time, but I miss it so much that I couldn't wait anymore.

I sucked it up, bundled up (it was about 20 degrees), and went for a slow 2 mile run with a goal of 10 min miles. The wind was so bad on some blocks, that I was almost running in place, but it was worth it. Here's what I ended up with:

It wasn't the best run ever, and it wasn't the fastest, but I did it and that's what counts. The run helped get me into a healthy mindset. I packed my breakfast and lunch yesterday for work and I stuck to them. I did get hungry in the late afternoon accompanied by a severe headache, so I went and bought a cliff bar instead of snacking on the office candy bowl.

Then, last night when I got home from work around 8pm, I was very sore and very tired. I skipped out on making a healthy dinner and fiance and I plopped ourselves on the couch with some leftover pizza and beer and good tv. I certainly didn't want to exercise after that, but the rest gave me the energy I needed to make it through the Shred followed by some nice yoga to help with soreness. Another little choice that went a long way- I already have more energy and feel better about myself and all this after only 2 consecutive days of exercise. All these little choices are what make the difference.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Long and hard...

This week has been long and hard... just like the 3rd grade for (fill in ethnic group to stereotype/insult). I kid.

This week has all sorts of sucked though. I am tired and that makes me lazy. I am stressed/full of hormones and that makes me crave foods. Worst of all, I have given in and allowed excuses. I need to exercise, and I need to put some effort into what I eat.

30 Day Shred tonight? Planning ahead what I will eat our for my date dinner with fiance? Sounds like a good plan, but can I stick to it? I'll let you all know...

Monday, February 1, 2010

The inner fat girl

I'd like to introduce everyone to my nemesis: my inner fat girl. No one likes her, especially not me. She always thinks she is a welcome when I go out drinking. After I've had a few drinks, she rears her ugly head, demanding food- frozen yogurt covered in mangoes, strawberries, and granola and then a coffee roll from Dunking Donuts- ughhhh. All this after a huge dinner of sushi, really? She's such a beast!

She showed up uninvited on Saturday night when I was trying to have a great night out with my closest friends. A night of fun that I haven't had in awhile. We'll see how much damage she did to my weightloss this week when I weigh in later today....