Monday, February 1, 2010

The inner fat girl

I'd like to introduce everyone to my nemesis: my inner fat girl. No one likes her, especially not me. She always thinks she is a welcome when I go out drinking. After I've had a few drinks, she rears her ugly head, demanding food- frozen yogurt covered in mangoes, strawberries, and granola and then a coffee roll from Dunking Donuts- ughhhh. All this after a huge dinner of sushi, really? She's such a beast!

She showed up uninvited on Saturday night when I was trying to have a great night out with my closest friends. A night of fun that I haven't had in awhile. We'll see how much damage she did to my weightloss this week when I weigh in later today....


theantijared said...

People say that this Jack Sh*t guy is mu nemesis, so maybe he is my inner fat girl!

Stop beating yourself up all the time, BTW! Look how far you have come in this journey!

GeminiJulia said...

Frozen yogurt & fruit isn't so bad--my inner fat girl goes straight for the chips and cookies.

Or giant hershey's chocolate bar as evidenced by this weekend's activites.