Monday, March 16, 2009

C25K Day 1

I kept my word: I bought the necessary tools, plotted my running route, downloading a nifty podcast of techno beats with cues for the switch from running to walking (Thanks Julia!), and I ran.

It was comical! My pants were falling down during every running interval so I'd spend the walking intervals rolling them up. I can say something positive though: I did it!

My first impression of the program's first and second weeks is that they are challenging, not discouraging.


Carlos said...

wow way to stick to your plan! sounds like you need smaller pants

GeminiJulia said...

Yay! I bet it was comical, but I'm sure you were also feeling quite accomplished at the end!!

And those pants are only gonna get looser!

I'm finishing up my second round of the week one training and am kind of psyched about moving on to level two! I feel so much stronger when I do it--I think the intervals are definitely paying off.

So give it a chance & you'll we'll be running 5ks in no time!

Bare It All said...

I started c25k yesterday as well. It was great. I actually felt good when it was time to run. Where did you download the tunes to cue the running/walking? Thanks and good luck!