Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Weigh In and a C25K Buddy

This week posted a 2lb loss: wahoooo! Finally a legit loss. I earned it by committing to changing my exercise routine and it feels good.

Speaking of exercise, my fiance joined me on my run last night. He was doing okay in the beginning, but had to call it quits half-way through because his legs couldn't handle it. He said, "I give you a lot credit. This is really hard!" It felt really good to hear that, especially because my fiance has 6% body fat and a 29inch waist- bastard!


Carlos said...

kick ass loss AND the fitness nsv! you rock!

Viva La Karly said...

My boyfriend is 145 pounds soaking wet with boots on. He eats nothing but chips and Pepsi. Therefore I hate him. Great job on the weight loss though!