Friday, March 20, 2009

Who Stands on a Car?!?!

Warning: this is a bitter rant about some crap that happened this week.

This week has been one of the worst week's for my fiance in a long time. The poor guy keeps getting punched in the gut, scraping himself off the floor and standing up only to get punched again.

He officially became a graduate student this semester. Well, his first mid-term really did not go well. He is very hard on himself, so I had little success trying to cheer him up over the phone (we still don't live under one roof, yet). I got to see him last night so we could go meet with a wedding photographer. After the meeting, we stopped to get dinner and noticed two foot prints on his car. Not only were there two foot prints on his freshly washed car, but the jerk that did this badly dented the hood! WHO STANDS ON A CAR?! I cannot wrap my head around this. Who was raised to believe that this behavior is acceptable?

How does everyone out there in blog-land deal with these types of injustices?

This morning I woke up to SNOW on the FIRST DAY OF SPRING. What?! I had a very long commute ahead of me this morning. It was going well until I was about 7 miles from work. There was an oil tanker spill closing all but one lane on the Long Island Expressway. It took me 3 hours to get to work. Now I have to get all my work done and get out of work before I get stuck in Friday traffic heading to NYC. I have to finish packing because I am officially moving all of my furniture and other worldly possessions this weekend.

We will now return to out regularly scheduled weigh loss posts. Thank you for your patience.

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TriciaNae said...

oh my goodness. hope all is getting better!!