Friday, May 1, 2009

Reasons to avoid running BUSTED

Wow- I ran 25 minutes on Wednesday (~2.25 miles). This is a big deal for someone who is a self-proclaimed "non-runner".

I've made many excuses for myself as to why I was incapable of running and my new self just thinks the old excuses are laughable:

"My chest is too big!"
There is no way that your chest is so large that it physically prevents you from running! I know you are top heavy, but surely there are women with much larger chests that suck it up and go running.

"It doesn't come naturally to me"
Running? Not come naturally? Your body was MADE for running. Your ancestors have been doing it since the beginning of time! Have you somehow evolved to lack the ability to run?

"Running is bad for my knees"
How can something so pure as running be bad for your knees? Running makes your legs stronger!

"I'm not an athlete, why else would I need to run?"
Ummm, how about to avoid danger- that should be reason enough!

I hope someone out there reads this and realizes that the only thing holding them back from running (or insert whatever unattainable activity here) are the self-created excuses. Let's kick those excuses aside and let the progress begin!


Carlos said...

kick ass great accomplishment AND great post!

Bare It All said...

Haha. I can't believe someone else out there has given the "my chest is too big" excuse. That makes me feel better. Congrats! I think the c25k program helps you build your endurance physically...and mentally!

GeminiJulia said...

Awesome--No Excuses!!

I'm glad you've been keeping up with the C25k & 25 minutes is such a great accomplishment!!

I'm proud of you :)

Susan Odom said...

Well, it is true that running can harm your knee joints. It is important to do other training so you have good support in those joints. Lots of people with knee pain run too much compared to other activities.