Sunday, May 31, 2009

Get your kicks!

On Route 66.. or at your local specialty running store :-)

I took a special trip out to the Lynbrook Runner's Stop in Long Island, NY to pick up some new running kicks. I really liked their website because they showed some example of how they fit runners to their shoes, which is exactly what I was looking for. There was an awesome woman at the shop when I walked in. The store is only staffed with runners and on this night, the woman on staff was a marathon runner. She asked me to take off my shoes and socks so she could evaluate my feet. Then I walked back and forth, back and forth so she could determine how I place my feet. It was an enlightening experience.

It turns out that I place my left foot neutral and my right foot supinates a bit. She had me try on a few pairs based on my needs and I ended up with these from Mizuno:
The best part of the experience had to be with the woman told me that I had very strong legs. Get that! An experienced marathon runner telling me I had strong legs- hehe. I was proud, to say the least.

I broke it my new shoes with a great run on Friday. I have officially begun the last week (week #9) of the C25K.


Carlos said...

sounds like money well spent...

Emmett said...

Cool shoes.

GeminiJulia said...

Wow!! I'm so proud of you!! Have you signed up for a 5k race?