Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blame it on the Alcohol

I wish I could just blame my weight gain this week on the alcohol. I weighed in this morning at 185.4 (+4.4 lbs). Yikes! I didn't even gain that much during Christmas time (which was more of a food challenge than this weekend). The sad thing is, that I don't think my eating was all that crazy. My boozing was definitely a lot more than usual, but the food was no worse than some of my recent weekends.

I'm not really going to dwell on this gain, because I feel so confident that the weight will be gone by next weigh in. I am a little annoyed with myself for "wasting" a week, in terms of weight loss, but I've got this!


kArLy said...

You have such a great attitue toward your gains! I'm sure you'll get it down if you stay positive! If you were drinking, perhaps the gain is just from the extra sodium? Maybe drink some extra water to flush it out!

Now I have that damn Jamie Foxx song in my head. "Blame it on the aaaaa-aaa-aaalcohol!" Haha.

Carlos said...

sounds like you have moved past it. good job for not giving it more importance than it deserves

Bare It All said...

I bet it's a combination of things and that most of it will be gone over the week. You are probably just retaining water. Ugh. Keep your chin up and have a great week. :)