Monday, May 4, 2009

Sweating with the Oldies

I went to a step aerobics/kickboxing class Sunday morning with a friend that works at Lucille Roberts (a women's only gym, in case you didn't know).

The class instructor was a perky little thing at about 5'2", 105lbs. The class was 95% women 40-50 who have been doing aerobics since before I was born. Ya know, those 1980's aerobics queens with the sweatbands and two-piece midriff baring outfits. The other 5% of class was a smattering of girls in their 20's, 30's and a few little old bitties collecting social security (but, they sure kept up with the workout!).

The class instructor warmed up the class with a "joke" about how she left her three kids at home with her husband and one of them has a dirty diaper. The moms all laughed in unison.

The class itself was pretty challenging- not because of the moves, but because of the pace of the class. The instructor kept speeding up the music to a torturous pace. Regardless, I was able to complete the class, but it sure gave me a good workout.

I jest a little, but I'll definitely be going again.


Carlos said...

sounds like fun... the missus loves all those class type things. she goes to one called cardio strike then comes home thinking she could kick my ass... she might be right!

Viva La Karly said...

I hope you were one of the ones in a sweatband and leggings. If not - you better be next time!

GeminiJulia said...

This is one of the things I miss from having my gym membership is all the fun classes they offered. Step was one I enjoyed--tough, but so worth the effort!!

And I agree w/Karly--you SHOULD don the sweatband & leggings next time :-D