Wednesday, April 1, 2009

C25K Week 3

I started Week 3 this week. It was much more challenging than Week's 1 or 2, but still doable. There are no moments that I feel like quitting, but I am certainly not running as much as I am jogging. Right now, it isn't about my pace; it is about completing the program.

I am by no means someone that takes to running naturally, and that is why I would recommend this program to anyone, but there are certainly some things that can make the experience more enjoyable.

My very first day of running I got runner's toe (a build up of fluid or blood under the toenail, which can cause the nail to fall off). The toe is healing, but it sure looks ugly. Here are a few things I should have done to avoid this injury:
-Get fitted for running shoes
-Wear socks that aren't too thick or thin
-Make sure your toenails are neatly trimmed

Some other lessons that I learned by doing:
-Map your run ahead of time at
-Download a nifty podcast for the C25K program for every week at
-Buy yourself some running clothes- they don't have to be expensive (I bought mine at Walmart and Sport's Authority). Running pants/shorts will prevent your pants from falling down as you run (a big problem for me). I specifically like the spandex kind with the drawstring for extra staying power.
-Don't be so self conscious! I probably can't convince you of this without you actually trying for yourself, but you aren't running for other people- you are running for yourself, so forget about everyone else and do your thing!

Happy trails!


Carlos said...

great tips... I used your wheelchair ramp visual as motivation on the treadmill wednesday. Helped me get through the last 10 minutes. Thankee

GeminiJulia said...

That's awesome Ashley! I haven't changed over to week 3 yet because last week I didn't complete the week. I'm just getting comfortable with the 90 seconds! Kudos to making it through :)

The image of the pants falling down still has me laughing, but through experience, I definitely know what you mean about having well fitting clothes!!

GeminiJulia said...

By the way--thank you for giving me the motivation to move on to Week 3. I wasn't sure if I should stick with the lower level for one more week, but I pushed myself that extra step to do it & I feel great! Well sweaty & out of breath...but great nonetheless. :)