Monday, April 13, 2009

Weigh In Update

So, I weighed myself after work today, which is my usual time for weighing. It said 184 (-2.6lbs)!! Yeeeehaw!

I'm definitely going with this weigh in number so that I keep pushing myself hard this week. I've been known to go with the higher weight and slack off because I already have a "loss" for the week.

Yeah, that's right, I've been a little cheater before by spreading out my weight loss. Hope you all love me anyway!


GeminiJulia said...

Yay Ashley! Keep up the great work! Getting close to the end of the 180s too!!!

And hey, if going with the lower number works keeps you moving in the right direction, that's not cheating, that's strategy :)

Carlos said...

great loss

Viva La Karly said...
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