Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm Angry

I'm really angry. The anger is building up, boiling over, and spilling into all aspects of my life. I don't think that the causes of my anger is the significant aspect, so I won't go there (especially because the reasons I am angry has become quite a list).

It's difficult for me to be angry. I am not angry person.

I get upset- a lot
Annoyed- all day long
But angry- rarely

I think it's mostly because I don't know how to direct angry energy. I'm great at directing nervous or worrisome energy- I clean and clean and clean. But what do I do with this angry energy? Exercise can't even rid me of it.

I'm getting a handle on my over-eating from the past week, but I am still eating too much. I think I'm starting to see a correlation between the amount of my anger and the amount of my eating. Now that I see this pattern, what do I do about it?


GeminiJulia said...

Can you confront the situations/people who are making you angry?

If not--does writing it all down help?

How about putting on some loud music and screaming and crying?

On the rare occasions I get angry I tend to hole myself up until it passes, but of course that's a terrible solution...

Carlos said...

id love to get you worried at my place cause it's a frickin mess and needs to be cleaned for easter...

seriously try blowing up... i go ballistic when i get pissed but it is always short lived. healthier than a slow burn

Lyn said...

Maybe write a letter to the person/situation. You dont have to give it to anyone, but just getting it out can help. I have heard that kickboxing is great for getting anger out too. Hugs..