Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Can I get a 170, anyone??

So, I weighed in on Sunday (one day early) to gauge the damages done by the binge-fest of a week I just had. To my surprise, I weighed in at 185.0 (-0.8lbs). I ate pretty light on Sunday, even though I was tempted with loads of Italian pastries a la Palm Sunday at the future grandma-in-law's house.
I also did an okay job on Monday, but I had some serious bloating going on. I weighed in last night to find myself at 186.6 (+0.8)- not cool!
I'm so tempted to pretend like I didn't see that number, but I have to come clean, and you can all hold me accountable for my gain.
I'm really tired of the 180's....


Carlos said...

sucks holidays are the worst. 0.8 isn't that bad...you know, considering

Maggie said...

Keep pushing through it. Stop thinking so much about it, and it will happen. Walk, walk walk!