Monday, June 8, 2009

Fat Camp Weekend Activities

The weekend was quite an emotional rollercoaster. The highs were: I toke my mom for her and my very first massages in honor of her 50th birthday. I signed up for my first road race- an 8K to Save the Barnegat Bay- a great race and a great cause that I will get to do with my cousins (maid of honor and a bridesmaid).

The lows were: The priest at my church who was set to marry me and my fiance is leaving to go to another church, but I only found out by reading the church newsletter. I have a meeting all set up with him in a few weeks and he never bothered to say he was leaving.
The kicker, however, was my father leaving before the birthday barbeque and cake for my mom, turning off his phone, and not returning until 5am. Then, my dad decided it would be a great idea to text me late last night claiming that my mom told him that I hate him- awesome.

Exercise was on schedule with a 3 mile run on Saturday and 40 mins of circuit weight training last night. Eating was just ok because I went over my weekly/activity points thanks to the cheeseburger for dinner on Saturday and the ice cream birthday cake.

I peeked at the scale this morning and it doesn't seem to have budged. I'll officially weigh in later and provide an update with the Fat Camp Week 1 in review. I really need help identifying my problem areas because I thought this week went well, but the scale seems to think otherwise.


Bare It All said...

I think you've been doing a fantastic job! Don't let that scale discourage you....and drink your water. That cheeseburger had mega salt I'm sure.

You are my c25k guru--that is so awesome that you signed up for an 8k!!!!

Carlos said...

you are doing a great job sorry about the priest/bbq drama!