Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fat Camp Emotional Eating

Fat Camp has me focusing on my emotional eating issues this week. My weekend family troubles have been stressing me out, and my body is feeling the effects because I have been feeling like crap all week.

Monday- Skipped exercise after work to go grab a burger and beer at a local bar. Trying desperately to get my mind off of things.
Tuesday- Got in a run, but felt like quitting the entire time. I somehow pushed through to finish my 3 miles.
Wednesday- Scarfed Sunchips at a birthday party for my fiance's cousin, but managed to control myself during the cake. Skipped exercise to go to party and make breakfast for co-workers for Thursday.
Thursday- I made a special breakfast (french toast casserole) for my project team at work because some people are leaving for vacations and this was the last day we'd all be together. I decidedly was going to have some for breakfast, which is ok, but I went back for seconds, which is not okay.

After breakfast, I stopped by some of my favorite blogs. Jack Sh*t's post was exactly what I needed this morning- it's all about taking control of your destiny by removing excuses. I realized that the control I was so desperately seeking isn't attainable by overeating. Eating too many Sunchips didn't smooth things over with my family, and it certainly didn't put me any closer to my weight loss goals.

Here's to finishing Thursday strong with some exercise and mindful eating.


Carlos said...

wow french toast casserole? yum. ive been on a real tear too lately not sure wtf... i think my period is just around the corner. my breasts are really sore

GeminiJulia said...

All is not lost though--you're strong enough to put the brakes on and start fresh--adding exercise and getting back into your healthy habits.

Emotions will come into play--but this journey is for you, and like Jack Sh*t says--Burn the Ships--Burn the Chips, Burn the casserole. "Leave yourself with no choice but to succeed"

You'll succeed :)