Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving: Thank goodness it's over!

So this was my first Thanksgiving OP (on plan) and it was interesting. I did a decent job during most of the day (healthy filling breakfast, an after dinner power walk), but then the drinking began.

I haven't had more than 2 drinks in one night since the summer. I had a good time though because I was with my brother and cousins (even my mom drank a little which is very atypical). The drinking put me slightly over what I wanted to eat that day, but then the snacking started. Rice pudding leftover from dessert and then a MAJOR weakness of mine: Cheese doodles! They are disgusting, and I realize that, but I can not have them around me or I will eat them in uncontrollable amounts! Needless to say, Thanksgiving day was a bust!

As detrimental as that day was, I didn't let the failure continue on throughout the weekend. It would have been very easy to overeat all weekend, especially because I was at my parent's house, but I didn't. As the ladies of WW's say "It's a holiday, not a holi-week".


Beautiful Mess said...

I went a tad over board at my brothers too, just in drinks, not so much in food. But that is how you do it! One bad day doesnt have to turn into a bad week!

Ashley said...

The excessive drinking makes me eat, so I need to watch it!

Thanks for the support...not letting in turn into a bad week led me to a SV: -2 lbs