Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cookie Challenge

I baked over 12 dozen cookies on Friday night in preparation for my annual cookie decorating party. I throw a party for close friends and my cousins where I bake the sugar and gingerbread cookies ahead of time and provide tons of decorations such as icing, sprinkles, candies, and we all have lunch, drink some wine, and decorate the cookies. Then, I pack up the cookies and ship them off with the people. It a really great way to indulge in my passion for baking, without being tempted to eat the goods myself.

I'm very proud of myself, I didn't eat a single cookie on Friday when I baked them! This was especially notable because sitting down and eating a few of the cookies I just slaved over had been the way I used to pat myself on the back: "Great job, Ashley. Now that you have tasted these cookies, you can certify that they are delicious!" Instead of the usual fattening reward, I celebrated my cookie making success by taking the time to appreciate how effortlessly I rolled out the rock hard sugar cookie dough (thanks to my sculpted back a la 30 Day Shred), and how I breezed through the night baking all those cookies and still had energy. I amazed myself!

The party was a big hit, everyone had a great time, and I realized that I am really enjoying this holiday season thanks to all the energy I have!

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Carlos said...

what a great idea...apart from all the hard work, i mean. sounds like a nsv all the way around. good for you