Saturday, December 20, 2008

Jeans, Dirty Looks, and Shred Progress

I went jeans shopping today (FINALLY) to reward myself for surpassing my 10% weight loss goal.

I was so nervous that I hadn't gone down significantly enough to buy designer jeans from Lord and Taylor. I hastily grabbed the first Size 14 I could find and..... they fit! They fit easily in fact :-) I even tried on a 12 and they fit too, but they give me a little undesirable fat pouch, so I'll wait a month until I try the 12's again.

It was quite a powerful feeling to stroll around the ladies department thinking "hmmm, which designer shall I buy today..." instead of nervously wondering "does this designer make 16's that are cut just right so that I'll still fit into them even though I'm more like an 18??" I felt sexy; I'm not gonna lie.

Speaking of feeling hot, I'm getting more and more unwarranted dirty looks from women!! That is definitely one way in which I like to measure my hotness. Back when my boyfriend and I started dating, I got TONS of dirty looks from women. So much so that even he would notice them.

I think I'm getting all the nasty looks because so far I have lost 6.5 inches total doing the 30 day Shred:

Chest: -1.25"
Waist: -0.75"
Hips: -0.5"
Thighs: -3" (1.5" off each)
Arms: -1" (0.5" off each)

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Carlos said...

way to go. own that hot ass!