Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I've always been someone that knows what they want and sets out to get it. I truly believe that I hold the power, know-how, and drive to achieve what I want.

I really love the image of the blonde women that I chose to grace this blog. Every time I see it, I reminds me of how I feel on the inside. She has her eyes set on something. Her smile is intentionally knowing... knowing her own strength, knowing what she wants, and knowing that eventually she'll get "it", whatever "it" is at the time being.

I'm big on the power of symbols, so I'm thinking about getting this image printed on canvas and hanging it in my home to remind me and empower me. And every time I see it, I'll have that same little knowing smile about how far I've come and the direction I'm heading in.


GeminiJulia said...

I love it :) She has that comic book heroine look...she knows she's got more to her than meets the eye.

It's great to have something to represent yourself and I definitely think you should make a version for your walls.

Carlos said...

great idea but she needs a spear i or maybe a viking helmet, you know the one with the horns