Friday, August 21, 2009

Sheer exhaustion

It has been a rough week. I have been working 10-12 hour days with a 2.5 hour commute round trip. There just isn't enough time or energy. I have felt really drained, and I finally had a meltdown on Wednesday. It was a good old fashioned cry fest, and it felt soooooo good. I followed it up with some liquor, pizza, a trashy movie, and lots of hot sex- all my favorite indulgences in one night ;-)
Maybe indulging isn't always a good idea, but I feel much better. Work is still just as rough, but I somehow feel better.

I haven't been tracking my points all week, so my plan to stay on track was to just eat as similarly as possible to the last two weeks when I tracked everything- I think it's working, but we'll see for sure on Monday when I weigh in.
I also haven't gotten in any exercise. I plan to break this trend tonight with a 50 minute sweat fest a la Jillian Michaels- Banish Fat and Boost Metabolism, and tomorrow I hope to get in a run.

I'm finally catching up with everyone's blogs and it's fun to see how everyone has been. Happy Friday!


Carlos said...

i could use that kinda break down... do i have to cry or can i go straight to the movie/pizza/sex part of the program??

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Liquor, pizza, trashy movies, and lots of hot sex... sounds like my sophmore year of college.

theantijared said...

Liquor, pizza, trashy movies and lots of hot sex...

That sounds like Jack Sh*t's sophomore year of college...oh damn he already wrote that!

Bare It All said...

Oh wow. A real hump day of a Hump Day. I'm glad it happened mid-week and not today...otherwise drugs and rock n' roll might have been added to your list. :)

Good luck and I bet your weigh in will go great on Monday. How is that Jillian dvd? What's it like?