Thursday, August 6, 2009

Food Wars

I have been fighting the good fight all week against food. There were many battles won, but in the end I must win the war.

Last night, I had a lovely time in Hoboken, NJ with my fiance and two of my dearest friends. We went out for Restaurant week and had a pre fix dinner of three courses. I chose the watermelon and brie salad, shrimp nachos (split with a friend), and braised oxtails with gnocchi and carrots, and topped it off with two drinks ;-). The portions were small so it was easy to control myself. The food was good, but it wasn't amazing, so that also made it easy to control my eating.

Afterward, we went for coffee. I had a skim chai latte and I eyed up a beautiful pink frosted cupcake. I blame this lady for my nagging cupcake craving after posting a picture of a frosting filled cupcake! I had wanted dessert all day, so I opted for a gingersnap cookie instead.

This morning, after little to no sleep and drinking last night, I was craving my sleepy hang-over food: the bagel! The bagel lost, however, to the much more svelte oatmeal.

Score 1 for the gingersnap. Score 1 for the oatmeal. And score 2 for me for making better choices!


Bare It All said...

Sorry! I'm glad that you ignored my cupcake, though, and had that ginger snap. I love ginger snaps! :)

Carlos said...

you did well! congrats