Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend- food, fairs, and family

On Friday night I exercised and went on a date with my fiance. We usually go out for date night on Thursday nights, but fiance had a golf outing for work. So, on Friday we decided to go to Applebee's. I hate chain restaurants- growing up in the suburbs, going out = eating at a chain restaurant, but now I can't stand it. Applebee's is good for one thing though- margaritas :-). I digress. So, I ordered one, and the grilled asain chicken salad (no crispy noodles, dressing on the side). Even with those modifications, I know the meal wasn't perfect, but it was a decent choice. I also had two boneless buffalo wings (fiance devoured the rest of the plate by himself).

Saturday, I exercised and got ready for the annual family reunion bbq for fiance's cousins. I over-indulged a bit with 2 giant chocolate chip cookies and 1 mini canoli, but otherwise kept my food and alcohol in check considering I was at this party from 3pm-12am (salad and a cheeseburger for lunch and salad and grilled chicken sandwich for dinner, 2 light beers, 1 rum and coke,1 serving tortilla chips as snacks, and 1 serving Doritos).

Sunday, I exercised and went to a street fair. I ate a small piece of a pretzel braid and a few ounces of lemonade.

Hope everyone else had an enjoyable weekend.


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Wow, you're trying to water ski on some choppy waters, what with BBQs and street fairs and such. Good luck navigating through all these land mines and coming out unscathed.

Carlos said...

sounds like a great weekend

Bare It All said...

Busy weekend...hope you had a good Monday!