Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I channeled Baywatch's most notorious blonde on Sunday, Pamela Anderson, when I decided that it would be a good idea to take a run on the beach.

I wasn't planning on doing this, but when I got to the beach I felt so alive. I arrived at the beach and took my aunt's Great Dane to splash around in the water, and I ran back with him on the leash. It felt so good, I decided I must run right away! So, I took off on the beach with my bathing suit and a zip up. I wasn't self conscious about running in my bathing suit, but I had on a strapless one piece and I was worried about a boob or two popping out mid-run.

I managed a pretty quick pace for someone who never went for a run on the beach before. The run felt awesome, but my calves, knees, and ankles were tiring very fast. I ran about 1.5 miles- to the jetty by the lighthouse and back to where we had parked our truck.

Island Beach State Park Jetty and Fishermen

My calves and hip flexors are so sore even two days later! Regardless, it felt really great to be outside, connecting with nature, and getting in a great workout at the same time.
I wish I could say the rest of the weekend was just as inspiring and filled with nothing but healthy food choices, but that would be a lie!
I'm thinking about skipping weigh in this week. I know that I have gained, I feel it in my clothes, but I think weighing in with discourage rather than encourage.


Carlos said...

i skipped mine... don't regret it in the least... do likewise pammy

GeminiJulia said...

Holiday weekends leave tough recovery time--take the weigh in off, but don't let your momentum wane!

Keep thinking of that energy you felt when running on the beach Baywatch style.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Did you run in slow motion?

theantijared said...

Did you Hassle the Hoff?

Bare It All said...

Ooooh, I can so picture you running on the beach. What is it like to run with a Great Dane? Did he pull you?

Go to that weigh in and just take it as a reminder of what direction you don't want to go in. That's it. Just a little reminder.