Thursday, January 22, 2009

Weighing Less, Wanting More

I purchased a ww online 3 month package for my mom for Christmas so we have been sharing recipes, weigh ins, etc on the phone ever since. Last time I spoke to her, however, I really noticed a change in her. She is a strong woman emotionally, but she is very meek in pursuing what she wants. She is also the sole care provider for my disabled father and grandmother with severely progressed Alzheimer's. Needless to say, she knows all to well about putting others first.

Well, she told me that she had lost 9lbs so far and that she also wants to learn to speak Italian (p.s- she wants to speak Italian so she can teach her grandchildren it- talk about pressure, I just got engaged!). I wanted to cry. I am so happy that she is realizing that she is worth more than suppressing her wants and desires. She deserves to do things because she wants to do them, and that should be good enough for anyone. Talking to my mom reminded me of something....

the less I weigh, the more I want for myself

I allow myself more happiness at a lesser weight. I expect more out of myself. I want the best possible for me.

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Carlos said...

it's so true. as if success in WL makes you crave the same in other parts of your life or shows you that barriers are paper thin.