Thursday, January 1, 2009

Structure Please!

I have thoroughly enjoyed this holiday season. I saw relatives that I have not seen in 4 years, I really got into the holiday spirit, and I got engaged, which I was not expecting until late in 2009


I need some structure in my day! It really is the key to my success. I need to walk in the door after work and immediately change into my exercise clothes, then cook a healthy dinner, unwind, and repeat. I throw in a few fun things during the work-week, something fun on the weekend, and always plan a larger event in the near future to keep me looking forward to something (maybe a weekend trip, a special dinner, or a party).
I like schedules, plans, and structure and my weight loss efforts are suffering without them. I think maybe I just like control (a little too much) and the fact that I can't plan my meals in advance, have free range of televisions and space to do my exercise DVD, or even get regular sleep is making me look forward to the end of this holiday "vacation" with family.

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Carlos said...

I totally agree. structure is the key for me. it's when my vacations start to be the norm that i get into trouble...