Thursday, January 15, 2009

One Full Year of Weightwatchers

So yesterday marked my first "full" year with Weightwatchers online and I think I can learn from my successes and failures. I use the term "full" loosely here because I was not committed to the plan that entire year. Here's a little breakdown of my weight loss by month for 2008:

1/2 January: -6.4
Starting out is the best part thanks to those big first losses
February: -2.6
Only on plan for half the month
March: +0.6
WW, what's that? I'm drinking and eating myself silly on spring break!
April: 0.0
I didn't step on a scale once
May: 0.0
Again, I didn't weigh myself all month, but I did graduate with a Bachelor's of Engineering, a full time job, and a new apartment to move into
June: -6.6
Finally weighing myself again and thanks to the new apartment I got in lots of exercise by lifting, cleaning, and painting
July: -1.0
Weighed in, but was away in Chicago half the month for a training trip
August: -2.0
Only on plan for half the month
September: -0.2
Not on plan at all
October: -1.2
Trying feebly to get back on plan
November: -0.1
Fed up with no results and being so close to under 200lbs I kicked it into high gear at the end of the month
December: -5.3
Fully on plan
1/2 January: -1.2
Kinda on plan thanks to my illness

I did lose over 26 lbs in total, but it's hard to feel entirely proud of the effort when I know that I was a slacker for more than half the year.

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Carlos said...

you're still at it and that is a huge accomplishment. also being able to see your mistakes and learn from them shows growth.