Monday, November 2, 2009

Why is weightloss so easy at times and so difficult at others?

Is it your mindset? Is it hormones? Stress? Motivation? Focus? Laziness? Is it in relationship to the amount of exercise you do? Temptation? The time of the year?

If I knew this answer, I would never falter because I would constantly keep this item in check. It must be a balance of all areas or balancing ate of putting more effort into one area when needed and lessening in another.

Whatever it is, I seem to have a handle on it again. It feels easier and the weight is coming off. I have been weighing myself 2 - 3 times a week and I am at my lowest weight around 180.0 - 180.4. I cannot wait to leave the 180's for good. I have spent 8 months in the 180's. I've never thrown in the towel, but I have faltered. When I do surpass the 180lb mark, I will know that my hard work has paid off. It might take another week, or another month to get there, but I know I'll keep pushing forward until I do.


Carlos said...

hang in there... glad I'm not the only one that is all on again off again...

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

For me, it's a delicately balanced house of cards that, if one card gets yanked, the whole thing can come tumbling down.

For me, it starts with exercise. When I exercise, I eat right. My focus is on what I need to do to succeed. The rational part of your brain would tell you that if you skip a workout, you should just consume less food to compensate, but my f'ed up wiring tells me the exact opposite.

Glad you've got your mojo in full throttle. Have a great week!

Bare It All said...

all of the above? good job, girl. here come the 170's.