Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Running- but in what direction?

I've been a good little runner. I got in a few more good runs recently. Not all of the runs came easily though. I had a really difficult run last Friday, but I am proud to say that I pushed through it. At one mile, I wanted to quit- it was cold and windy and I seemed to be running at a snail's pace. I made myself go two miles regardless of how fast my pace was and then pushed myself to go another half mile and then another mile until I completed 3 miles in 30 minutes.

Needless to say, I have been running and running, but in what direction? My weight is still fluctuating between 180 and 183 lbs. I had a great week- I brought my lunch all week to work, I had dinner at home Sunday - Wednesday and then I ate out three nights in a row- Thai takeout, Japanese hibachi, and an American restaurant. I made a partial effort to watch my eating but I find myself at the high end of my weight fluctuations yet again because of my half-hearted efforts.

I want to continue to lose weight but I am holding myself back. At times, I feel comfortable with my body. I also find myself enjoying what I am eating and not wanting to cut out anything more. I am definitely unsure of my direction, but I plan to keep running.


Carlos said...

keep running the rest will work itself out...

Bare It All said...

Yes, yes keep running. You lose all that hard work so fast! What are your goals for your upcoming wedding? Can that help motivate you? If you are happy where you are, then embrace that. Maybe 180 is a good place for you to be!