Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm back: the good, the bad and the so so

I'm back from Puerto Rico. The trip was great and much needed. I spent time with my parents, brother, fiance, grandparents and cousins. It was the perfect break from the insanity of work.

The Good: exercise. I couldn't wait to go on vacation so that I could exercise! Crazy, I know, but I was seriously looking forward to it since work has been cramping my exercise style. I got in a run around the golf course at my hotel, a run on the beach, and hours of dancing.

The Bad: drinking. There were many drinks poolside and at the wedding. Yikes! I usually don't allow myself liquid calories with the exception of skim milk. All the juice in my fruity cocktails was full of calories.

The So-so: eating. My eating was decent for vacation. I kept breakfast clean all but the morning after the wedding when I indulged in bacon and a belgian waffle. Otherwise, it was yogurt or oatmeal and fruit. Lunch was a little worse with some tortilla chips and a half a burger mixed in. Dinner was always indulgent and usually included dessert.

So, what's the damage?
I came back with some nice color, some sore legs, and 4 extra pounds. I can't say I've tackled these extra pounds since getting back on Monday thanks to a hectic work week of 16+ hours, which equals ordering out all meals. I know I could have brought food with me but I never got to the food store since getting back from vacation, so I am left with an empty fridge and pantry.

Here's to a better weekend! It can't come soon enough.


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

4 lbs sounds like a minor victory considering the heavy-duty damage you could've done.

Sorry work's been such a time-suck lately. Planning a little better may help you navigate through those long days a little better, at least on the food front. Eating out every meal makes it tough to make any headway...

theantijared said...

What I wouldn't do for a tan!

Carlos said...

what no pictures? weak sauce m'lady

Bare It All said...

Yes, it sucks to have those 4 extra pounds. But they will come back off and you will have those memories forever. Are you going to post pics or what? :)

Sugar-Free Cupcake said...

Good for you for exercising on vacation! And I am gonna bet that some of those extra pounds are water weight from some of the salty food. You'll tackle those too!