Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I think I find myself at another plateau. The first one happened at the 199-201 lb range. It seems to be occurring again at the 188-190 lb range.

I am up this week 0.9. My eating was acceptable and my exercise had increased, so I expected a small loss this week, but to have a gain has me wondering if it's a plateau. This marks the 4th week in row that I am withing a 3 lb range, unable to push through.

Last time I found myself in this predicament, I added exercise. It seems like the right prescription again. I won't be adding anything to me routine this week with the possible relocation occurring, so I have time to decide what to add. I'm thinking some good old fashion cardio will do the trick, since I have been focused on circuit training lately.

As for my weight, I'd rather it be plummeting off this stinkin' plateau!

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Carlos said...

good luck. more exercise sounds just like what the doctor ordered. love the new profile picture by the way...