Thursday, February 5, 2009

Feeling saggy and sad

My weight has gone back up this week: 1.8lbs to be exact (well, not exactly).

I exhibited poor eating habits this weekend during the Superbowl- taco dip and homemade crumb cake were the offenders this time. I neglected to track my points for the past week, and I managed an unimpressive 2 workouts. I didn't exactly expect a loss.

On Monday, when I usually weigh in, I forgot to do it before working out and eating dinner, so I did it after and the scale said 191.6. I shrugged and decided to weigh myself tomorrow after work and count that weigh in as official. Well, Tuesday rolled around and I went out to meet up with a girlfriend right after work for a pedicure and dinner. Again, I ate dinner and tried to weigh myself when I got home. The scale said the exact same thing, so I guess we'll be going with that number. This means that I am NOT in the 180's exactly.

I'm glad I always hold off on buying myself rewards until I am firmly in the new weight decades. So, I am still wearing my broke down boulder holders and it sucks a big one.

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Rachel said...

Love your reward idea... man, I need to do that. I think it would be motivating because it's something I really need! Ha. Good luck with your progress!