Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Life is crazy!

In addition to the effort I am putting in to live a new healthy lifestyle, I am also attempting the following:
-Plan a surprise 50th Birthday party for my mom and 75 guests in June
-Plan an engagement party for 140 in May
-Plan a wedding!
-Move in the next month (as soon as someone is willing to rent our apartment, my fiance an I are out of our lease and moving- we already had 3 people to see the apartment in 48 hours!)
-Find a project at work or risk losing my job (I'm a consultant so I have to find open projects through my company. The problem is that with the economy in the crapper, there aren't any projects!) On the plus side, I think I got an offer today ::fingers crossed::

I wish I could put more effort into this blog lately. At least my effort in the weightloss department is paying off. I am down 1.7 this week, to put me solidly in the 180's!

I'm not necessarily complaining about my life, but it sure is hard to find enough time in the day to give my all to the many demands right now. I hope everyone else is managing better than me!

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Carlos said...

hang in there, you have a lot on your plate and still managed a loss. you are a rockstar!