Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Die 180, Die!

No 170's for me :-(

It looks like I won't be reporting from the 170's this week. I weighed myself and I am at 180.4 lbs or +0.2lbs from last week. It's disappointing and a bit disheartening.

I may have set myself up for failure by eating out for dinner 3 times last week, knowing I would be attending a baby shower this weekend. I tried to make wise decisions in all of these instances, but I also didn't get in as many workouts this week (only 2).

Me and my fiance are on the offensive this week to bust through the 180's. He will help me by food shopping so I may bring breakfast and lunch to work every day and he will not tempt me with eating out - we'll be sure to eat dinner at home all week. I'm really lucky to have my fiance on my side as I attack the 180's in hopes of being rid of them for good.


theantijared said...

You have a good fiance!

Anonymous said...

What a great helper he is! Good luck. I know you can do it!

Anonymous said...

Together 180 will die! You'll make it happen.

Cassie said...

Good luck!