Monday, November 24, 2008

Attack of the over-eater!

This weekend presented a challenge in the eating arena. I fought hard and stayed within my points on Saturday even though I attended a potluck, went to a bar, hit up a coffee and bake shop, and attended a brunch where the only choice was a made-to-order crepe station. I just chose wisely. Yes, it is possible, even at these types of events

At the potluck dinner I took a controlled portion of the homemade macaroni and cheese I made. I also had mostly steamed broccoli salad dressed with lemon juice and olive oil, 1 chicken wing, and some Indian chicken curry- 15-18pts (I guesstimated a higher point value to be safe. I know it was at least 15 though)

At the bar, I had one beer. I think it helped that I was the DD or I may have splurged a bit more there- 3 pts

At the coffee shop I had black tea and a ginger snap cookie- 2pts. I think this was my greatest achievement all week because this late night food run was after the bar in the city I went to college in with some very close college friends. This type of event was a weekly tradition during my college days and it certainly helped me gain weight so to be back in that same situation and know I have changed my ways was motivating to say the least.

Sunday started out with the same fervor that Saturday did, but it ended miserably. I had an egg and bacon crepe, a few bites of a nutella crepe with powdered sugar, and a coffee- 14.5 pts

Since I had a heavy brunch, I had a late lunch of light Progresso soup, salad with balsamic vinegar, and an apple- 2.5 pts

Then I felt that familiar beast inside that wanted to just consume food. It's a horrible feeling that seems impossible to overcome. I tried drinking water and green tea but that didn't help. So I made some air popped pop corn and sprayed it with butter flavored pam and spicy seasonings (hot spices are supposed to help curb hunger)-1 pt

It didn't satisfy the beast! Then my boyfriend and I decided to make some baked chicken wings. The flavor came out great, but the wings themselves seemed fatty so we didn't like them. After some time we decided that we really wanted wings, so we caved and ordered take out from this great bar grill a few doors down from our apartment. Not only did I have boneless buffalo bites, I had turkey on rye with cheese, bacon, cole slaw and Russian dressing with sweet potato fries- 25 pts or almost a day's worth of food.

The worst part for me was not eating all that food, but it was not feeling satisfied until I did.

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