Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm alive

I have a new home - November 22nd:

I have a new name - November 27th:

I enjoyed the Caribbean - November 28th - December 12th

I moved into my new home - December 12th

I look forward to catching up with my favorite blogs and sharing my progress (and then lack there of thanks to the honeymoon) with everyone :-)


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

You're not Ashley anymore?

GeminiJulia said...

Oooh-Congrats! I look forward to hearing all about all of the above :)

Susan Odom said...

I hope the animals that made up your fur coat didn't suffer too much when they were slaughtered.

Ashley T said...

@Susan - That cat you're holding would make a beautiful set of gloves to wear with the fur stole.

Anonymous said...

I always get remarks made on fur coats I wear. They are not real but they look so real.it is also how you match them that makes them look real.A person should first ask then comment.
I have sometimes shown the inside of the fabric. Luckily it is not attached to the lining.
You are beautiful, Your home is beautiful.